Company Overview

Private advisory, real-estate, distribution, and renewable energy business is an open market worldwide. Our choice of market is strategic — THE VIU Inc targets cross-border governments, public entities, small/mid size corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, family offices, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, as well as successful entrepreneurs. We are headquartered in the capital region of Canada. Our  motto is to facilitate the acquisition of capital, real-estate properties, and  goods. THE VIU Inc assists clients across the full process. As a private controlled business, we are under no stress to deliver results. Always on the client’s side – we invest the time in understanding each client and take a long term approach. We are aware that lasting relationship depend on the quality of our service.


Our high philosophy degree of centralization is based on the global strategic management | operational concept of excellence, responsibility, and mutual respect. Ottawa-Headquarter is coordinating the organization to seek out product/service standardization and learning between facilities, the focus is an effective cost reduction.  The team includes well seasoned executives and brokers.


The president  brings extensive executive and operational experiences to this present position, as well as 10 years as an investment banker and wealth manager. He has studied, developed and mastered key executive skills — financial strategy, global strategy, strategic management and corporate diplomacy.


  • Project Valuation
  • Investor Advisory
  • International Insurance Advisory
  • Due Diligence Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Wealth Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Capital Raising
  • Global Capital Markets
  • Online Trading Platform Advisory
  1. To build a strong global corporate brand
  2. To establish strong partnership
  3. To provide service superior to competitors
  4. To establish a strong capital supply chain



THE VIU INC – Exponential profit at its highest!