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As an independent financial advisers, we provide knowledge advice for Raising Capital, International Insurance, and Wealth Management Services to large and mid-sized corporation, private equity, hedge fund, family office, individuals and governments. We innovate strategic solutions for our clients and act as a trusted mandate.


VIU Funding Advisory specializes in arranging financing of almost any monetary magnitude. As an authorized intermediary, The VIU Inc. understands the adversity faced with complex financing situations, and customized all possible resources to bring projects to fruition. VIU Funding is able to focus on the specific individual needs of each prospective clients. The company assist referred clients by negotiating with partner lender the capital required to complete projects, that banks and private investments firms have failed to do, or have turned down. The VIU Inc. is not a brokerage company. Our firm is mandated by many wealthy sources of private capital as the pinnacle in representation from a consulting standpoint.


VIU Funding Advisory provides its customers with valuable due diligence business analyses that play an integral role in their decision-making and negotiation process.  Our due diligence services include financial profile analysis, legal evaluation of  documents and obligations in the signed agreements. Assuring the legitimacy of the client’s prospective steps according to the related commercial and business law. This program was created to stop novice, unethical and misguided non-professional intermediaries from inundating The VIU Inc. with projects and to assist in professionally cleansing the private funding industry. The firm will also undertake the following responsibilities: coordinate financing structures with lending partner as to their appropriateness for the specific needs of the client, negotiate overall upfront costs, ongoing cost, and interest rate costs, assist in negotiating the fees, the terms, evaluate the interest rate(s) proposed by the lender.


When borrowers work with us, they have one point of contact to access all of our partners lending products portfolio. Other lenders may offer only a portion of these products, forcing borrowers to work with multiple lenders. Most of our competitors here in Canada do not offer this:

  • Raising capital
  • Non-recourse loan
  • Stock loan
  • Business loan Secured
  • Bank facilities
  • Structure commodities Finance


We are a fee – based company and have been since inception. Our fee is charged at the point of engaging services, however after an internal project review is completed. Our clients are solvent project principals who understand that professionalism is not free, pro-bono or contingent in nature. Common knowledge in the worlds of both private and public funding sectors dictate that no funding is ever achieved without fees involved and the best representation by professionals on projects.  Each of our services we offer through our partners, allows us to be more responsive to our clients and the worldwide marketplace. In providing the financing intermediary service under an agreement, The VIU Inc. “the Contractor” acts as an independent contractor.


The capabilities of the Firm are international in scope and focus on multi million dollar project only. VIU Funding is interested in project finance and services in the worldwide territories, unfortunately services will not be extended to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, North Korea.


The need of money leads founders to grossly underestimate the time, effort, and creative energy required to get the fund in the bank. This is the least appreciated aspect of raising capital. Founders nearly tend to drop everything else they were working on to find potential capital sources. The process is overwhelming and can drag on for months as interested investors engage in due diligence screenings of the founder and the proposed deal. Herein what you need to be aware of;

  1. Raising money costs a lot
  2. Business guarded secret will be leaked inadvertently
  3. Money isn’t all the same
  4. The search can be endless
  5. Lawyers can’t protect you against the cost

Herein lies the opportunity for you. We know that you are trying to obtain funding. We know the difficult struggles you are facing.

And finally, we know that  clients are not educated fully on the world of private funding. Therefore we are willing to work and also educate clients with our  one decade of experience and highly sought after protocol.

Thank you for your inquiry on our well respected intermediary program.

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